Waiting for God to Fill the Cradle: One Month Devotional for Couples

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He came to destroy death with all of its power over us, and His Easter victory, which we will celebrate very soon, is a day of life, eternal life, for all. He comes near to good and bad intentions, near the ashes of what was meant to be honor, the ruins of attempts on our own. And despite our oscillating thoughts, despite the sin we cannot leave, He invites us into a disruptively different sort of story of defeat. The Son has made His triumphal entry.

Whether your life be young or old, the deceit of death will enter it. You will walk by caskets. You will lie in a hospital bed. You will hear the devil speak in his native language. His lies will come to you just as they did to me. See through his faulty speech. Recognize his broken narrative. Deny every phony word. You will visit family again. She will greet you again. Christ will rise again.

But God has done a new thing—He has raised Jesus Christ from the dead, never to die again. What other god has done anything like that in all the stories and fables?

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What god has ever promised to share everlasting life with everyone who trusts in him? Only the true God. Only Jesus. What a cool thought! Before your parents ever laid eyes on you, before they fought over whether to name you John Jr. In fact, it goes back further than you think. Before God even created the very first parents, He knew you were coming someday, and He chose you, specifically you, for His team. No, one is to love and cherish them as well as honor, serve, and obey them as if they were God Himself … The good news is that where we have obviously failed, Jesus did not.

Their mothers are, too. Each of our days is ordained by Him, including the challenging days of motherhood. In the same post-resurrection body that He invited Thomas to touch, Jesus invites us to full humanity even today. He ascended with a body, He shares in our humanity, extending His own body even now, promising to return for our own bodies. Christ is preparing a room for us, and we can know it is real because He himself is real.

To paraphrase John F. Kennedy: Ask not what your spouse can do for you, rather ask what you can do for your spouse. As disciplinarians, they are representatives of His holiness. As providers, they are representatives of His goodness and generosity.


As teachers of the Gospel, they are representatives of His grace. They may go back to the memories of the good old days. Those memories can bring peace and happiness.

When the Holy Spirit, your perfect memory aid, reminds and re-teaches you everything about Jesus, He removes the bad memories of sin and punishment and fear. He replaces them with joy, confidence, hope, and forgiveness in Jesus. That results in a peace that goes beyond understanding and beyond this life. Peter Sulzle, St.

Forgive us when we devalue it in any way. Heal our land from the scourge of legalized abortion and turn our hearts back to profound respect for all life. Each life, before even coming into existence, God has cast His gaze upon, delighting in having us hear His voice and that we would be led home to Him.

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He is Lord and Savior, and we live by every word that proceeds from His mouth. Over time, through hard times and good times—winter, spring, and summer—we will grow in Him. The season for fruit will come, a season of refreshment. But first comes the hard work of the patient vinedresser. This longing can be cultivated through the Word and prayer.

Immerse yourself in the Psalms. Celebrating and engaging in the blessings of chastity, modesty, and even celibacy best protect and prepare the heart patiently awaiting His vocation to marriage. In Jesus, we see heaven on display in the hell of individual lives.

If we seek to follow Him, vague ideals about tolerance must give way to flesh and blood reality—loving the all-too-human in front of us. Its proper use in marriage is a great mystery, a great gift which was given for the protection of all. We respect and protect even the least among us because we have received the same favor freely from Him.

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Ask the Lord to guide you and put your trust in Him. Human life is not given unconditionally but is given under the condition that we will be responsible for preserving it. Gregory P. Euthanasia is also the same. Future grace always carries with it the promise of present grace. God will provide everything you need until you see Him face to face 2 Peter He Himself makes and saves all the moments in human history. He alone sustains and claims all the movements in the entire universe.

His unconditional love endows each human life with equally infinite value.

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He will provide for you, and He will give you the strength and courage you need. If we fear God, we need fear no one else. You are not alone. Many women are still waiting for that first child. Infertility can be a heartbreaking experience for a husband and wife.

All you have to do is leave a comment and a winner will be chosen on Saturday, April Please make sure I can contact you to request your mailing address if you win! Waiting for God to Fill the Cradle may be for you, or perhaps it is a devotional you can pass along to friend who is feeling quite alone in the infertility journey. When all the other wives you know are moms, it can be a very lonely and hard place. I appreciate that April Motl and her husband Eric are so willing to share out of their experience of infertility to encourage others.