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Jean Paul Sartre. Andrew Carnegie. Jean Piaget. Sigmund Freud. McCain and Segal.

The bookworms of France's National Library

Lewis S Feuer. Dominic Strinati. Laurence Kelly. Melvin Konner. William Barrett. Milton K Munitz. Nelson Pike. Ellen Dissanayake. Stephen Greenblatt. Roland Barthes. Leonard Shlain. Larry R Squire. Bertrand Russell.

The Bookworms

R Duncan Luce. Gregory Bateson. Sol Wachtler. Howard Zinn.

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Bruno Nettl. Elias Canetti. David Stewart. Teihard de Chardin. Ami Ronnberg. Michelle Obama. A D Scott. Yuval Noah Harari. Jordan B Peterson. Daron Acemoglu.

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Penguin Classics. Mark Manson. Paulo Coelho. Stephen Hawking. Samuel G Kling. Eleanor Rooservelt. William Teeling. Bruce Bliven and A G Mezerik. Joseph Conrad. Kent Wright. C S Lewis.

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Patrick Henry. Andre Maurois. William Shakespeare. Winston S Churchill. Cecil Woodham Smith.

Edmond Cahn. John Moylan. Henry J Lethbridge. Robert Louis Stevenson. Frank Thistlethwaite. Esme Wingfield Stratford. Marx Engels. Alfred Deakin.

Cave of the Bookworms

Samuel Pepys F R S. Norman Angell. James Fenimore Cooper. Clarence Day. Edgar Wallace. For the latter it is down a pleasant little lane at 44 Chau Long Street that leads into a shady courtyard where you can enjoy drinks, snacks and lunchtime meals. Customers are encouraged to browse at leisure for as long as they wish.


We have more than 20 English books representing almost all genres in both new and second hand editions. Cart 0. Item has been added to cart. Disease and History. Out of stock. The Civilization of the Renaissance in Italy. The Communist Manifesto. The Birth of Tragedy and the Case of Wagner. Psychology and Epistemology. The Ego and the Id.

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  7. Marilyn Monroe.
  8. Genetic Epistemology. The Game of Science. An Introduction to Theories of Popular Culture. A Traveller's Companion to Istanbul. The Tangled Wing. Irrational Man. Theories of the Universe. Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion. I absolutely loved this book, and ended up awarding it 5 stars - it's going straight on my favourites shelf! I've followed this series from the beginning, and I can safely say that it is my favourite Crime series.

    Today I'm posting my Monthly Reads for May I was on holiday at the beginning of the month, so I managed to get lots of reading done in May: I read a total of 7 books! I read this book whilst I was on holiday, and absolutely raced through it! Keep reading to discover my thoughts The perfect couple. I hope you're all well. Today I'm really excited to be sharing my write-up of a very special author event I attended just over a week ago. Blog at WordPress.