Portfolio Investment Opportunities in Managed Futures (Wiley RealTime Finance)

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Longden, S.

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Gronwald and J. Truong , in Environmental Economics 1 2 , Bierbrauer, C. Menn, S. Prokopczuk, S. I do not think, but I don't know this for sure. But I think if you take the ten largest food companies, I think in innovation-- they've tried a lot of things. But how many things work? If you look Kellogg and General Mills and go up and down-- Coca-Cola, I mean, how many new products really become big?

You read about 'em and all that.

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But take Heinz Ketchup. It's got higher percentages in other parts of the world. And it's a very, very, very strong brand. Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a strong brand. But other brands are weaker. And you are right certainly that in certain categories, maybe in a Kool-Aid, or Jell-O, or something like that-- you know, they go back 75 years or something.

And there's some secular trend against that.

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But that isn't the key. I mean, they cut costs not in innovation, or in product quality, or anything like that. Now, they may have made a mistake in terms of working-- I shouldn't say "they. This one's number T5. Someone named J. Dominguez wrote in, "Is this the type of incident and time when you buy more Heinz? Or do you pull the plug?

We've never sold a share of Kraft-Heinz. And if we sold or bought, it has to be reported within two days.

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So we wouldn't be able to do anything significant. But it isn't our style. We are the partners with 3G on it. And so we have exactly the number of shares we had before. And I guess I should never say never-- at age 88 in terms of what somebody else might do. But I can tell you I have absolutely no intention of selling. I've got absolutely no intention of buying. Maybe even-- well, they said it was gonna go down in You know, there are other things I think where you get more for your money and better prospects.

Not that I regard the prospects for Kraft-Heinz as terrible.

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I may be-- I would-- if I had to bet one way or another, I think people will eat more of our products this year than last year. But that can be difficult.

Not like some guy on Dancing With the Stars. In the meantime, we have to take another break. The economy, the markets, trade talks, and much more. Find out where the legendary investor is putting his money to work and what he has his eye on this year. Our top story, President Trump announcing yesterday he would-- delay an increase in U. He cited progress in the trade talks and said if it continues, there would be a summit. They would plan a summit at Mar-a-Lago. As a result, stocks in Shanghai surging overnight, up 5. As you can see, up on the Dow Jones. We're not that far from some new highs.

Pretty amazing. And, you've got important things to talk about. I don't know if you've talked about March Madness yet, Beck. But, you know, he We can at some point. But, you know, he always, like, offers up these things.

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Like, they sound attractive. You-- but, you know, you could win something, and he never pays off. I mean, last year I think it was-- I think it was to get to the-- what Last year, it-- it's true the favorites got knocked out early.

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Now, that got split eight ways last year. But-- but the year before, we had five people that came within one game and just to the last games of-- of winning the million-dollar prize.

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Now, if they'd won the million, they would have had to have split it if all five had won it. But there's a million-dollar prize. And we're going to do it again this year. And we limit it to employees of But close personal friends of mine who have a brick also may be entitled to enter. I don't know. No, we were doing other things where-- where-- depending-- let's do it again this year, Warren, with—with the Creighton versus Xavier thing.

Because they both have losing sort of records, and they-- they're-- they're not doing quite as well.