How To Work the Popcorn Gold Mine 4 Ways. How to Turn a $22 Investment into $435 Dollars Or More

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Conceived market for high-yield junk bonds, fueled s leveraged-buyout boom. Squealed on by Ivan Boesky; pleaded guilty to 6 counts of securities fraud Big medical research backer started funding cancer research in s after father diagnosed. Survived own battle with prostate cancer s. Still investing but spends bulk of his time on philanthropy.

Twice divorced, 4 children. Coca-Cola director increased stake in soda giant in May; now owns 6. Puppy love: travels everywhere with Donnie, his black Labrador. Married; 4 children. Secretive leader of private equity giant Apollo Advisors. Father was chief executive of food conglomerate United Brands. Leon studied philosophy, history at Dartmouth. Michael Milken see convicted of securities fraud ; firm in bankruptcy a year later.

Art lover owns one of country's most renowned collections: impressionist, modern, contemporary, old masters. Friend of financier Carl Icahn see. Pittsburgh native studied economics at Bucknell; graduate studies at San Diego State.

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Became a disciple of legendary investor Benjamin Graham. Founded Brandes Investment Partners money management firm in Stickler for due diligence: believes in painstaking financial analysis; invests in high-intrinsic-value companies at low stock price, waits for market to adjust. Naperville, Ill. Son of Greek immigrants swept floors of family's Chicago grocery store. Served one year in Vietnam.

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Became stockbroker, discovered niche in convertible securities. Founded Calamos Asset Management , took public Nephew Nicholas serves as co-investment chief; son, John Jr. Spends spare time flying his Marchetti jet. Pittsburgh; New York City. Former money man for George Soros see famous for orchestrating his boss' billion-dollar raid on the British pound in with timely short position. Duo parted ways in Now runs Duquesne Capital Management in Pittsburgh. Chairs Harlem Children's Zone; nonprofit provides educational services to more than 12, children and adults.

Israeli immigrant spent his 20s learning the buyout business alongside older brother Alec see at Gores Technology Group. Rebuilds distressed companies before selling them at a profit. Also invested in film production shops Crescent Drive Pictures, Pictures. Bel Air, Calif. Married, 5 children 1 deceased. Son of a barber got start selling popcorn. Today controls suds distribution in LA, Hawaii 5 islands and the Caribbean. Added insurance, auto dealerships, real estate. Portfolio now includes 4 million square feet of commercial property and 4, residential units.

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  • Big supporter of YMCA. Franklin Otis Booth Jr. Divorced, remarried; 6 children. Seasoned Berkshire Hathaway shareholder now investing in a new passion: oranges.

    Wants grove to be his legacy: "Farming is more tangible than a securities portfolio. Stanford M. Joined Charles Munger see in small real estate deal; met Warren Buffett see Enjoys hunting, fishing. Chevy Chase, Md. Son and grandson of Washington, D. Divorced, remarried. No longer active in trading. Duo donates to education, arts causes. Gerald J. Divorced, remarried; 5 children. Owns ,acre cattle ranch in New Mexico, compound in the Hamptons. Divorced, remarried; 8 children.

    Warren Buffett's see overlooked yet indispensable consigliere; Oracle of Omaha claims duo often "tap-dance to work. Due-diligence-obsessed investor published Poor Charlie's Almanac last year; tome full of "Mungerisms," such as: "If you buy a few great companies, you can sit on your ass. George L. Palm Beach, Fla. Manhattan-born Wharton grad worked in father's cosmetics and hair care products company. Also owns large piece of Verizon Communications.

    Twice divorced, 5 children. Now "The Sphinx" falling on hard times. Chatham, N. Affable hedge fund manager earned master's from Carnegie Mellon Ran junk bond desk at Goldman Sachs , moved to hedge funds. Was feuding with auto parts maker Delphi Corp. Working out settlement. President of American Express by Made tidal wave on Wall Street in ; convinced Citicorp to merge with his insurance hodgepodge Travelers Group; created Citigroup, now world's largest financial services company. Now giving fortune away. Plans to improve high schools via National Academy Foundation, a nonprofit group that introduces inner-city kids to the world of business.

    Father, William Ziff Jr. Thomas H. Soft-spoken buyout titan had a tough fall. Refco quickly fell apart; then-chief executive Phillip Bennett facing charges of securities fraud, conspiracy. Company's assets bought up by London hedge fund Man Group. Left Thomas H. Lee Partners to start Thomas H. Lee Equity Partners in March; believed to have been forced out by partners, he says he wants a fresh start. Now leveraging connections with hedge fund managers with his Blue Star fund-of-fund outfit.

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    Far Hills, N. Started at Heine Securities ; sole owner by Founded Trust Company of the West Also owns , acres of Florida timberland, an 1,acre Mexican golf resort, Cabo del Sol. Chairs W. Kenneth L. Woodside, Calif. Picked up investing bug from father, Philip d.

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    Dad ran own investment firm, built reputation with buy-and-hold philosophy, early tech investments. Ken worked at father's shop after college, struck out on own History buff currently studying interaction between finance and behavioral psychology. Divorced, remarried; 10 children. Famed leveraged buyout maven in food fight with Heinz : wants to oust 5 board members of the world's largest ketchupmaker, take over seats himself.

    Owns 5. Heinz management digging in for proxy battle.

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    Wharton dropout had first score with acquisition, merger of Triangle Industries and National Can. Aspen, Colo.

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    Divorced, 2 children. Michigan State grad left Wall Street in for a fresher perspective on markets; moved to Denver, founded mutual fund giant Janus. Enjoyed exceptional returns during bull markets of s, s; became fourth-largest mutual fund company in the country. Losses mounted in ; resigned chief exec post Stepped down as chairman 2 years later amid industry's market-timing scandal; Janus fund managers accused of giving preferential treatment to short-term investors.

    Stock has changed little since.