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All that he once was, replaced by visions of a gruesome The death of her father as well as the curious mental decline and subsequent imprisonment of her mother, have left her truly and utterly alone. Despite her misfortune, she has managed to carve out a decent life for herself. That is, until she moves to Southern California. Strange things begin t From the monster under your bed, to the very real reason for that oily sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, our UnCommon Authors bring you a whole new way of looking at the true nature of evil. But can the past save the future, or destroy it?

Daemons have lived thousands of years sequestered on their own plane, separated from humans by the Between, a barrier thought to be impossible to cross. But nothing stops the Corsairie, a storm of Air magic that holds all of history in its grasp.

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Macari is You'll gasp, you'll laugh, you'll cry Tainted Love is the first novel in Cawood's women's fiction family saga series is an emotional tale of abuse on the most intimate level. Cawood's book tore me apart, and I coul Mom must have taken my silence as the stubborn rejection it was, because she sighed and tossed up her hands. My favorite, having my mother's magic invade my head.

I shuddered and took an involuntary step back, but her power latched onto me and held me still.

It was so hard not to fight, to let my squirming power out, to resist lashing back, severing the hold she had on me. Instead, I shivered and stayed in place, entire being tight, wound into a coil of protection as, unable to fight back, my power compressed my shielding into a solid, impenetrable wall. Mom's voice barely reached me through the thick wards. Sweetheart, I hate this troubles you so much.

Her blue eyes pleaded with me. But for the sake of the coven, I'm asking you to let me in.

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Then let me go. My mental voice crackled with amber fire and blue family magic. She held my gaze a long moment before her power sighed and released me, oozing free.

I stood there, trembling with anger and disgust, stomach performing feats of acrobatics while I panted for air. I'm sorry , she sent.

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I never wanted it to be this way. May I?

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Wow, she was asking? That was a first. I grunted, unable to speak, hugging myself as I released my hold on my shields. At least to the point she could have a peek. How invasive, her mind sliding into mine. My body rejected her, the magic inside me shrieking at the intrusion. It took everything I had to hold off my need to spin and leave, to walk away and not come back as she explored the memory of last night. She finally left, hugging me gently with her magic as she did.

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How did she not understand the squeeze of farewell, so innocent, made my skin crawl and my empty belly burn with churning acid? Um, what? Celeste's scowl tightened a notch deeper while Erica, always one to over react, gasped and covered her mouth with one hand before looking at me with wide eyes. Erica nodded, Celeste too, while I found myself with my own frown on my face as I looked at each of them. Mom ignored my question, rising to come to my side. Her floor-length, black velvet skirt swished quietly, silk blouse soft on my bare arm as she hugged me physically this time.

The familiar scent of lilacs filled my senses. When she leaned back, she very gently gripped my upper arms in her hands, face intent and serious. Just like I had no idea I shared that power. Did that mean I had to join the Enforcer order now? It would be worse than being a coven leader. The last thing I wanted was a job where I was responsible for upholding witch law, where I'd be forced to use magic all the time. Mom's back stiffened, face hardening.

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But she didn't turn on Celeste like I wished she would. In fact, she ignored the other woman, while my respect for Mom—and any thought she had my best interest at heart—took a nose dive into wretched. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Ask it above.

ebeslemfea.tk With no husband decision in sight, she focuses on the gathering of witches come to debate and create law. Her plan to scour all of witchdom for Brotherhood influence encourages Miriam to open the proceedings to every magical race. But, in doing so, she leaves the door gaping for the enemy to come knocking I sent the tight mental question to Mom. Witches are always worried about appearances, she sent with a heavy dose of laughter in her voice.

Nice to see someone found my imminent doom amusing.