Capital of the World: The Race to Host the United Nations

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It was an audacious campaign, one forestalled but not displaced by the Great Crash of The project left a lasting legacy and language of economic conservatism that was renewed in the postwar era and continues to shape American politics and society.

By Charlene Mires. Based on archival research from more than twenty states and with engaging prose Mires, an urban historian at Rutgers-Camden, shows how in a fierce contest, actors both notable and obscure and their proposals from the logical to the improbable , ambitiously courted the international body between and The contest developed among U.

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The race proved divisive; in places from Hartford to New Orleans, citizens and boosters clashed over how the U. Yet as Mires notes ironically, New York City a location many international diplomats refused to consider in the end proved victorious.

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Across the country , politicians, business leaders, citizens, and chambers of commerce were fueled by this optimistic spirit, especially after years of depression and war. As Mires asserts, nothing reflected this spirit better than hopes of winning the U. Proposals ranged from creating an entirely new city as U. As she often reminds the reader, such pessimism paled in comparison to the mayors, police chiefs, and thousands of others who escorted U.

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By December , the U. WPL pursues this topic in the belief that women politicians have an opportunity to play an important role in understanding and driving the crucial role of blockchain for future social and economic development.

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Jorge Chediek, Envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General and Director of the UN Office for South-South Cooperation , pointed out that blockchain technology could act as a game changer, having a massive impact on economic development to build a better world. Promising partnerships were formed, with BCF and the United Nations Development Programme UNDP recognizing the importance of blockchain technology to construct a better society and, during this event, announced their partnership to support the work of blockchain for social good.

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The event explored the potential of blockchain to stimulate new private sector investment but warned of the tax and regulatory issues, or rather lack of in the sector. I moderated a global financial services regulator panel at UNGA last year where in broad terms, regulators were supportive of crypto, digital assets and blockchain as investment vehicles for achieving SGDs, however, they were concerned about the marketing of such products to retail consumers, and the "provenance" of the investment products demonstrating they actually achieved SDG goal targets.

This is a serious area that needs further monitoring and development.

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No Blockchain event is complete without a good hackathon! Teams came up with innovative new ways to address the SDGs.

Why the UN Was Built in New York and Not in South Dakota

It is always inspiring to see the commitment of blockchain developers to use technology to build a better world. The solutions that have emerged from this hackathon will no doubt advance the conversation around the United Nations Agenda for sustainable development and move the dial on employing blockchain technology to advance our shared vision of a better, more sustainable and equitable future for all. The international and blockchain ecosystem communities are increasingly looking at how to use this technology to work towards achieving the SDGs. An increasing number of startups, non-governmental organizations, cryptocurrency philanthropy funds, and organizations including Global Goals , the Pineapple Fund , Impact Coin , SDG Coin, Moeda , Dapact , Gainforest , SolarCoin and Unicef are all working on applications for blockchain technologies to move the dial to achieve the SDGs.