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Being knocked out is just the least of the possibilities with the new words. Superman often encounters Mister Mxyzptlk, an imp from the 5th dimension who is sent back when he says his name backwards. As he's invulnerable otherwise, the only way to get him out of your hair is to trick him into saying his name backwards. Ever since the John Byrne Continuity Reboot though this is nothing more than Mxyzptlk being sporting, as being truly untouchable by the 3rd dimension natives would be boring. Mxyzptlk hails from, and Johnny's old magical phrase "Cei-U" or "Say You" used to call his Thunderbolt is in fact the being's name Yz pronounced backwards.

In the same storyline, a group of fifth dimensional imps reins in another by intimidating him into saying his name backwards. In the " Emperor Joker " storyline, the Joker tricks Mxyzptlk into revealing his "secret imp name", allowing the Joker to steal Mxy then tries to trick Superman into saying his name backwards Namrepus to send him back to Earth; when he finally succeeds, nothing happens, because unbeknownst to Mxy it isn't Big Blue's real name. After Supes has had his fun, he returns home by saying "Le-lak" "Kal-el" backwards.

In an episode of Super Friends , they record Mxyzptlk saying his name and then play the recording backwards, which banishes him. For some reason.

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If Silver Banshee knows a person's real name, then her scream will instantly kill them if they hear it. Because she doesn't know Superman's real name is Kal-El, her scream can only hurt his ears, much to her frustration. In one comic Superman tries this and it doesn't work because Mxy had his name legally changed.

Considering the shitty job Crispus Allen had been doing since becoming the Spectre, it's actually not all that surprising. Especially since Libra was working with Final Crisis: Revelations instead implied the reason to be that Spectre only delivers justice to those God wants justice delivered to via him - he is the hammer of God. He smites what God wants him to smite.

The Gift of Your True Name

Libra's fate and that of Darkseid had apparently already been decided, and it didn't involve Spectre. As a result, Spectre wasn't allowed to interfere with that particular issue. Either that, or since Evil won the war between the New Gods , Darkseid was dragging the entire multiverse into the Forever Pit and receiving massive amounts of Villain Anti-Decay , at this point he had more power over the multiverse than God. Neither the Spectre nor the Radiant could feel God's presence at the time, despite being aspects of Him. In ElfQuest , the telepathic Wolfrider elves all possess "soul names", the knowledge of which gives another elf access to the owner's most intimate thoughts and feelings.

Therefore all Wolfriders guard their soul names carefully from all except their closest friends and lovers. However, the involuntary mating urge called Recognition sabotages this by forcing the affected couple to exchange soul names. On one occasion Big Bad Winnowill learned Dewshine's soul name and attempted to use the knowledge to coerce her, which only went to show how evil Winnowill was. On another occasion, Nightfall unilaterally gave her lovemate Redlance her soul name before placing herself in danger, so that if she died her soul would still be joined to his.

She later brought Redlance back from the verge of catatonic shock by persuading him to give her his soul name, causing their souls to become one. Most memorably used in the " Box Full of Evil " storyline to enslave H. When Hellboy realized this, Bromhead's hold over him was broken. Most recently, he used the true name of the human component in Hecate's replacement body to imprison her.

Specifically in Box Full of Evil , this is done thrice: first with Igor Bromhead commanding the demon Ualac using its true name, secondly with Bromhead commanding Hellboy himself with his true name, Anung Un Rama , and finally with Hellboy commanding Ualac using his own name Anung Un Rama, again which had transferred to Ualac when the demon stole Hellboy's crown of fire. It is mentioned in multiple issues of The Books of Magic that names have power, particularly in the Otherworld of Fairyland.

In the original four-issue run, Rose makes the Baba Yaga back down by claiming she knows her true name, and threatening to shout it to the world.

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She's not bluffing. Tim also takes control of a clay golem by giving it a name, and drawing a face on it.

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His current companion, Leah, comments that such a thing is considered impossible. One issue heavily implies that he's Rumpelstiltskin. The Elder god turned Demon Cthon, prior to leaving the physical plane, penned the Darkhold , the first book of black magic ever written. He did it because "a namer has mastery of the named".

As a result, Cthon effectively rules over all the dark magic of the Marvel Universe. Anybody who found out its true name fell under its control! The recurring Eldritch Abomination of Hellblazer during Mike Carey's run was one of the animals that Adam never got around to naming during his time in Eden.

And, as he never named it, he never gave it purpose, meaning, or definition — leaving it to become shapeless, formless, and ever hungering The incident in Newcastle that haunted Constantine for his entire adult life went wrong because the demon he and his friends tried to summon and control wasn't named what they thought it was. Years later, Constantine learns its true name it's Nergal, who by now has made a few appearances without an overt connection to this part of backstory when the demon lets it slip during a monologue.

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On a similar note to the nameless Hellblazer menace above, the first Big Bad from Elementals obtained power by draining it from the collective might of demonkind, using their True Names to restrain the demons from fighting back. Furious at this affront and pressed too far, the demons used Loophole Abuse in an attempt to assassinate the Big Bad : they copied the strange mortal practice known as "mating", produced an offspring, and refrained from giving it a name so that it could attack him without being subjugated.

Hawk and Dove 15 features a subversion of this. The protagonists find themselves stranded in Druspa Tau, a place of magic, different from their superheroic place of origin. There is a magical liquid metal called "tridic metal". It can be made to form any object the wielder can imagine but only if the wielder knows that object's True Name. One master does amazing things with the True Names of "staff" and "sword" and "morningstar" etc. Figures out that if you know every last detail of an object, you don't need the True Name.

So he picks up a blob of tridic metal and goes " Trigger. Safety catch It's never made explicit whether it's true or he's just bragging, though either is equally plausible. In an earlier arc, Doom put aside his feud with Reed Richards to assist Sue in the birth of her daughter. In return, he claimed the right to name the child, whom he called Valeria, and placed her under his royal protection he also implied that he enjoyed the idea that Reed owed his daughter's life to Doom.

During "Unthinkable", he used that name connection to channel dark magic through Valeria to attack the Fantastic Four. Many fans disapproved of this story as it ran counter with the classic "Doom's Word is his Bond" attitude, and subsequent writers seem to have pretty much ignored this incident, having Valeria genuinely love her "Uncle Doom", and Doom genuinely return her affection.

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During the battle, Manitou Raven reveals that he knows Hat's true name - Rampotatek - and thus Hat's powers won't work on him. In the first issue of Black Magick , during a hostage situation Detective Rowan Black realized that she was not dealing with a lone crazy person when the hostage-taken revealed that he knew her 'truename'.

The Spark and the Fire

Black Moon Chronicles : Methraton is able to overpower Lucifer because he knows the Prince of Darkness' true name, then imprisons him in another dimension. Fables : Magic users in this story are aware of this weakness and use various methods to protect them selves. Frau Totenkinder changes what people calls her every few centuries so she doesn't consider herself to have a true name. Someone hid her true name so no one could find it.

Hadeon the Destroyer tracks down people who say her name too often and kills them. Fairy Tales. In Rumpelstiltskin , the title character offers to let the princess keep her firstborn child if she can guess his name within three days. Likewise in Whuppity Stoorie , where the green gentlewoman explicitly says it's their law that she can't take the child if the woman knows her name. In Barack Obama and the Thunder Zepplin, Obama conjures the sylph Plame using her real name and offers her a new name in exchange for transport.

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This is a reference to Valerie Plame, who had to leave the CIA after her name was leaked to the public. While this is certainly an effort to prevent him from being forced to commit any actions to which he personally objects, it is also an attempt to atone for his involvement - against his will - in just such an act when he kidnapped her on behalf of her father Trigon earlier. Exploited spectacularly so near the end. In a German Tabletop Games fan comic, the gay priest of a group converts a demon in order to free said demon from the evil mage who caught the group.

www.hiphopenation.com/mu-plugins/mn/pros-and-cons-of.php With the conversion, he got a new name, and as you know, the control over a demon depends on knowing his true name. Very important in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic fanfiction Eternal , in which knowing and speaking someone's true name is essential to breaking past the masks certain characters have built around themselves. In dreams they are even more powerful and essential, but conversely mis naming somepony, especially oneself, while in a dream is a recipe for disaster.

After all, if knowing someone's True Name gives you power over them, it only makes sense that knowing your own gives you power over yourself. Also happens in Vulpine.

It turns out to be the true secret behind the Hiraishin. Minato back-asswarded his way into figuring out his own True Name via sealwork and then signed it on a summoning contract with himself, thus explaining why the Hiraishin never worked well for anyone else — no one else has exactly the same True Name as he does. One Avengers fanfic has Stark fall through the portal to the Norse underworld. A bridge to Asgard is guarded by Hel, who demands his name before she can lets him cross.